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Wedding Videography

Capturing moving images in an electronic media is called Videography. The name videography is derived from Greek and Latin words. The introduction of digital imaging on the beginning of 20th century shaped the difference between cinematography and videography. After the arrival of Internet there was a great advancement in the field of videography and it covers many more areas other than just capturing images with a camera.

Videography in Wedding

Videography plays a major role in wedding because all will view this videography record of the most memorable day. Every one will preserve this recording as long as they remember the occasion. In the early days of the wedding videography, it was a very difficult for videographers to capture the motions, because they did not have the modern equipments that they have today. So the videographer had to be a well trained professional. But today, anyone can do videography by making use of the latest equipments. They can capture the images as per the wish of everyone, particularly by the couples. They need not wait for better lighting or technical aspects, because all the advanced methods have been invented. Please feel free to contact one of our Catering Miami professionals at (561)-243-ALEX

Videography Before and After Wedding

Before wedding, there are like engagement Videos, Photo Scrapbooks etc. In engagement Video there will be a short film about the proposal or the groom asking the bride for wedding. most of these films will be captured without the knowledge of bride. Photo Scrapbook is one of the modern videography rarely used in wedding it is nothing but some stills will be there in the video with some sound bits.

There will be an interesting capture called as Love Story. In thatthere will be a small conversation between bride and groom about how they met, and what are all the future plans and the family life etc. There will be some additional coverage of some romantic sound bits with some special visual effects in this videography. There will be Concept Coverage; in other word typically both bride and groom tell a story about both of them. There will be some video recording of pre-wedding ceremony and post-wedding ceremony. This will be broadcasted after the wedding as a recap of the memorable occasion.

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