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Catering Supplies

Catering Supplies for the trade

We have been in business a bit over 25 years, we inventory just about every bit of catering supplies available.

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Catering Fort Lauderdale services have seen emerging and changing trends over the last couple of years. This is especially in terms of customer service delivery value and food offered and as such, we pride ourselves in been the pace setters in the industry. We work towards delivering catering services that make the whole process pleasurable as well as business oriented to our clients. We have a policy that is geared towards ensuring that our staff members continue to learn how to plan and organize the best catering services to ensure that our service delivery is delivered with perfection.


We also use creativity in planning and delivering our services and this turns your event into the most memorable day. Flexibility is also an important aspect for us and in this case, we ensure that we tailor our packages to meet the specific needs of our clients. This is largely because we understand that no clients have the same needs and we work towards making sure that you get what suits you and your budget. Our team is also highly experienced and trained to handle any cases of discrepancies that might arise. These include technical difficulties, weather inconveniences and any other people related problems that might arise in the course of our catering service delivery.


Catering supplies manages to keep up with the later food trends, and fashions as well as entertainment styles. As such, we offer entertainment in varying form and in accordance to what sits well with our clients. We view each of the contracts we handle as a special project and as such, you can ensure that we will personalize and make your event more glamorous than you thought possible.

We carry a wide variety of china, flatware and glassware. China patterns are available in square, round, rectangular and just about every shape you can think of. Flatware is all high leveled stainless steel and available for shipping within a couple of days. Shipping is done through a major freight carrier and we can arrange for a great rate.

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