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Whether you are new in Miami or have lived there for a long time, Alexander Event Caterers will assist in planning any event on a limited budget, and will offer the best of South Florida on Platter! According to latest trends, more and more clients expect excellent service. Alexander event catering has a reputation for being one of the best catering services in South Florida. There are many catering companies in Miami that offer good quality of service at affordable rates, but most corporate still prefer Alexander Event Caterers as they are reliable and simply the best. The company aims at attaining customer satisfaction through catering in Miami services which are purely based on the service industry. The experts at Alexander caterers provide some of the most excellent services that make the company so successful. Many suggest that catering businesses are small yet competitive, therefore, more and more entrepreneurs are venturing into the catering business as it has been flourishing in Miami.

Alexander Event Caterers in Miami offer some of the best quality services at competitive prices. Although the inflow of revenue is slow paced as compared to other businesses, it is the right niche for making profits in Miami. Today, Alexander Event Caterers occupy a glamorous position in the catering industry as they have many satisfied customers. Alexander Event Caterers have designed a unique showroom that has an array of the various linens, decor and menu options.

Caterers in Miami Provide Great Value

This is a showroom where the customers can pick a menu and also avail free of charge services that is one of a kind offer that is rarely found in the catering industry. Alexander Event Catering, the catering professionals, offer entertainment services that includes a unique and versatile one man band and can also be extended to a 20 piece band or the famous steel drum band.

Alexander Event Caterers have also partnered with the best florists in town that is the secret of some of the most stunning decor and flower arrangement that is typical of Alexander Event Caterers. Catering invitations are available at standard packages. But one can also customize the invitations but this could charge them more. Some of the best offers are available at Alexander caterers if you are looking for party planning on a limited budget with varying needs and requirements. Alexander Event Caterers are the best in South Florida, and have been proving it since the last 25 years.

For a free quote on your next event, please don’t hesitate to contact one of our Catering Miami sales associates at (561)-243-ALEX.

We look forward to working with you!

Caterer Miami

Looking for a top caterer in Miami?

As a caterer Miami with over 25 years of experience in the Hospitality field, please allow us to be your next caterer.

Happy and Healthy New Year!!!May 2010 be the best year yet.

With the Holidays that just passed, we are still going strong with a couple of big weddings at Viscaya, The Spanish Monastery and corporate events from Miami to West Palm and Naples.

Once photographers have pictures ready, I will be posting them; all of our events are amazing and some of the pictures are real work of art.

With the economy the way it is, I came up with my own economical catering package. Please note that this package could be a Wedding Reception, a Corporate Party or just a Birthday Party. I also like to work with ALL INCLUSIVE PACKAGES, there are no add-ons, straight pricing, never hassled anybody.

What I really like about the concept of a caterer Miami:

  • there is no need for a heavy dinner plate
  • there is no need for a knife
  • it is still “heavy” enough not to leave your guests hungry.

Here is what the package consists of:

  1. A full open bar for 4 hours
  2. An hour of passed around Mini appetizers ( sample HERE)
  3. Two stations: a Steak Diane and a Pasta Station( I will get back to the stations below)
  4. Desserts: mini french pastries and petit fours, fresh fruit
  5. Coffee
  6. All Fine China, Flatware and Glassware
  7. All Staffing: bar attendants, servers and culinary chefs

All of the above, based on a minimum of 100 guests: $49.95 per person.

Having less than 100 guests? Not a problem at all, just contact us HERE for a detailed quote.


As a Caterer Miami, we love our made from scratch scrumptious 1 to 2 bites appetizers. From Baby Lamb Chops to Jumbo Shrimp and Maryland Crab Cakes, to some of the local favorites: Mini Empanadas, Mini Cuban 2 Biters, Coconut Chicken, Shrimp and a lot more.


One of my own all time favorites. Mini Filet Mignons (3-4 ounces) are cooked to order. Then you are treated to our own White Trouffle Mashed Potatoes…incredibly yummy…


Not your ordinary station…nothing is ordinary about our food, services, displays. We take great pride in MAKING OUR OWN PASTAS…any other Caterer Miami out there that can honestly claim that??? Quite a few different kinds of pastas, sauces, ingredients..along with amazing decor.


No Caterer Miami can do anything close to our desserts: all one to two bites mini french pastries ( 20 or so different flavors), mini petit fours and fresh fruit. In fact our pastries are so outrageously amazing,w e have been contracted to develop a line specifically made for one of the major national hotel chains….very cool and proud( and we never went to them, they came to us…).


Nothing ordinary here either…lol. We use some of the best coffee beands around, the last impression is very important as well.

As 2012 rolls in, I would like to personally thank all of our clients for past business and hope that they have a great 2012 and see them again.

New clients: I have always had a moto:


And it has been true…all of our first time clients have been with us over the years and never ever even considered trying another caterer.

Caterer Miami free quote

For a free quote on your next event, please don’t hesitate to contact one of our sales associates at:

(561)-243-ALEX or (561)-502-6168.

Via Email:

We look forward to working with you.

Your caterer Miami, Felix Alexander

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