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(561)-243-ALEX and (561)-502-6168

Innovative ideas, great value, amazing food and displays, top notch customer service.

Whether is a corporate function or a social event, you can count on my company. We service pretty much the entire South Florida.

With our portable cooking capabilities, we make the difference.

Here is one difference:

Unlike other caterers, we cook everything ON SITE. We prepare each and every item at our commercial kitchen. We transport everything refrigerated to the site. We setup a “mini” kitchen and we cook everything a la minute. The quality of food is unparallel, no other caterer is able to produce the quality food we provide.

When it comes to pricing:


Having small overhead, full time employees and owning my own equipment saves quite a bit of money. That saving is passed on to the customer.


When it comes to food:

My chefs have formal training in 8 countries: France, Italy, Romania, Japan, Australia, Brazil, England and Canada. They all worked under Master Chefs and soon became mentors themselves.

When it comes to customer service:

TOP NOTCH, I am always available 24/7 at (561)-243-ALEX and

(561)-502-6168. My phones are on 7 days a week, 24 hours a day.


Whether you are looking for Fort Lauderdale Catering, a Boca Raton Catering company or a South Florida Catering company,

please contact the pros at:

A Alexander Event Catering

(561)-243-ALEX and (561)-502-6168

Main Website:


We look forward to working with you.


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