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Tips For Selecting Your Wedding Cake

Wedding Cake

Selecting a cake for wedding is not simple. It should be suitable for all seasons. For example, if you have planned for your wedding in summer season or the location is hot, it is better take advice from a baker about the types of cakes which can be used for particular seasons.

Size of a Cake

Normally Wedding cakes come in several models and sizes. Traditionally there are cakes which have more than one tier. While determining the size of the cakes, the number of guests who will be there at the wedding should be taken into account. The Cake must be distributed to all the guests.

Flavor and Icing

The main attraction of the cake is the Icing work on the cake and the flavor of the cake. Mostly the icing will be in light colors. But many couples like to match their wedding cakes with wedding theme and the wedding dress. But you can get more ideas from internet about the modern Icing and kind of flavor. Some couple like the cake with different flavors in each tier.


The major attraction in the wedding is display of the wedding cake. There are some decorum to decorate and place the Cakes. There are

  • The Cake should be displayed in front of the guests, which will be visible to all without blocking any guest, the view of the bride and groom.
  • There should be a decorated knife on the table near by the Cake.
  • The Cake cutting ceremony should happen after lunch or dinner.
  • The announcement about the cutting should be prior to the cutting
  • The Cake must be cut together by bride and groom.
  • After the ceremony Cake should be taken away by the family and friends and it should be cut in front of the guests.
  • Finally the Cake will be served with coffee or tea.

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Important Tips to Select a Baker

It is very important that selecting a right baker to create your dream wedding cake. It is better to ask your baker to display all the pictures of wedding cakes that they previously designed. This will help you to know better about the baker’s innovative thinking and art of work.

Ask your baker for tasting before ordering for wedding cakes. Usually the bakers will offer you the icing fillings and frostings to taste. Ask you baker itself to deliver and decorate the Cakes because he will have his own ideas about the decorations and delivery styles. Better ask the Baker about the payment conditions if there is any advance payment before he starts the work. It is very important to check the delivery of the right cake, which was ordered by you, with colors and flavors. Finally check the exact cost of the cake which was promised by you including the extra cost.

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